Marie Louise Lessard

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Whether rendering delicate shapes of flowers in still life, discerning the contours of the human expression in a portrait, or capturing the dance of light, colors, and shape of the New England coast, making art serves my need to express what I feel.

Originally from Maine, but transplanted to Boston in my college years at Massachusetts College of Art, I have always created art since my early childhood.

My passion with creating visual art began at the age of five. I  discovered the knack of translating my interior vision to those around me with a kernel of success and amusement.

While I still gravitate towards a linear approach to composition, painting allows me to push the boundaries of line into the illusion of color and space with greater impact.

Sometimes the muse speaks to me in quick bold strokes, while other times I need to articulate the message in more deliberate, measured, subtle ways.

My special niche is locational art, capturing personal scenery and local views. I like to translate the mundane into the extraordinary. The challenge of that excites me and the opportunity for me to create that painting could be right outside your front window.

I seek to convey the nourishment I feel from the beauty I see around me.

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